TextNinja Texting Silencer
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A Winning Social Solution To Stop Texting and Driving

TextNinja approaches the problem of distracted driving with positive incentives to drive behavior change. 

Main Features

  • Gamification

    Score points by using the system correctly. We know it’s hard to “give up” that connectivity, so we’ve designed a positive incentive system to make it easier. 

  • Silencing Text Distractions

    TextNinja senses when you are driving and automatically silences incoming text alerts, eliminating the urge to look away from the road.

  • Auto-Reply Messaging

    Send a customized reply message to incoming texts. This alerts your friends that you are driving and helps raise awareness about the dangers of distractions.

  • Designed for the Connected Car

    Using the latest Connected Car Bluetooth technology, your phone can connect to virtually ANY car and makes it easy to drive text-free. 

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TextNinja Texting Silencer

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